Afro Delight at Tom Tom Bar & Eatery – 13 July

13th July from 8pm at Tom Tom Bar and Eatery

Greeeeeeetings Family we are back in Auckland and at a new venue called Tom Tom Bar and Eatery in central Auckland. We are lighting the place up with good vibes as usual.

Please join DJ ORIKoL, DJ Grassroots, MC Antsman, myself Ras Stone and the Sankofa Percussion Crew for a fun-filled night of beautiful music and mad percussion of the origins of Africa. We are looking forward to seeing you there to celebrate the night in style with our usual genres of Reggae, Afrobeat, Soca, Jungle music and Drum n Bass.

Big ups to Tom Tom Bar and Eatery for providing the space! Get your dance moves ready for the fire music and killer drumbeats ahead. Till then Boom Faayah!!!