Ella Vi Jewellery

Ella Vi specialises in unique handcrafted brass jewellery. Each piece is made in New Zealand by Ella Vi Pairman. Ella has a degree in graphic design from Ilam School of Fine Arts and now uses a mixture of design, printmaking and jewellery techniques in her work. Below is a brief description of some of the processes used to create EllaVi Jewellery:
The patina necklaces are made from raw brass, which has been shaped and then oxidised using different chemicals to produce vibrant colours in the metal. Just like a bronze statue will turn green over time, brass can be transformed into a range of colours by exposing the brass to different chemicals.

The building and crystal collections are produced using a photo etching technique. Images are taken from original photographs or drawing’s, and are then photoshopped to create a form that will work well as a necklace. The final design is then etched into the metal using a reusable chemical etchant. Finally the brass is blackened and then polished to highlight the fine lines.
A thin layer of Lacquer is applied to each brass piece to stop it from tarnishing over time.

Many of the silver pieces incoporate enameling which is the process of melting glass onto the metal in thin layers. Once built up the piece develops a vibrant colour and a beautiful smooth glass finish.

ADDRESS: Shop 24
PHONE: 027 637 7794
EMAIL: ellavi.jewellery@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.ellavi.net