A love & collection of ethnic textiles, clothing, accessories & handcrafts to share with you, from around the world!!! I am third generation of a family of explorers that embrace distinctive cultures by trying to preserve their traditional methods, which have been handed down from generation to generation. We go in search for exquisite markets in remote villages, hand picking unique and vibrant pieces that tell a story and embrace the craftsmanship and details of ancestral designs.

My current collection is mainly from Guatemala (my home country). The collection is sourced from various indigenous markets and villages throughout the country. The pieces are vibrantly stunning and made from repurposed vintage Mayan blouses called ‘Huipiles’, each having its own unique pattern that identifies the village of origin. ‘Cortes’ which are vintage Mayan foot loomed skirts are another textile used to make these beautiful pieces, along with genuine leather.

My mission is to connect with skilled artisans in developing countries and bring their wondrous handcrafted, repurposed & fair trade products to a wider audience. This will help sustain their traditional methods, while adding colourful treasures to homes across the world. Come for a wonder and open your eyes to see this visual explosion of bold colours and textures, to which you can allow your mind to run wild with incredible ideas & ways you can give your home and persona a new life.

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Phone: 021 170 6138
Email: indigenous.colours.ltd@gmail.com

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Monday closed.
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