Original Sicily is an importer, distributor, and retailer of fine foods from Italy. We import a wide range of products typical of the Sicilian culinary tradition: sweet spreads, chocolates, pastries, cannoli, jams, pestos and pasta sauces, pistachios and other nuts, and more.

The company is born with the idea of sharing the Italian food culture and passion with New Zealand, to provide New Zealanders with the opportunity to explore new and exciting flavors and to create with little effort tasty recipes by using high-quality products.

Each one of our products is the result of some traditional Italian recipe and has a very definite geographical and cultural origin, which makes them all special and unique.

In the foodservice sector, Original Sicily is specialized in supplying food businesses with ingredients and finished products to create unique and superior quality dishes for the New Zealand market. Original Sicily supplies restaurants, patisseries, bakeries, cafes, catering companies and gelateria with any price range requirement.

Opening Hours

Thursday – 10am-6pm
Friday – 11am-6pm
Saturday – 10am-4pm
Sunday – 9am-5pm
Monday – 10am-6pm